"Working in the water treatment industry, quick turn around on parts and equipment is imperative as it can mean the difference between keeping a facility operational or potentially seeing production/operational bottlenecks. The products AquaMedix carries are specialized for our needs and provide effective and efficient solutions for our customers. I am extremely pleased with the flexibility and customer service of AquaMedix and have zero hesitation recommending their services to anyone looking at their products"
"I have found AquaMedix very responsive to customer needs. Frequently I’ve needed quick turn-around on new applications and in every case, my customer has received prompt and professional support. As every filtration application has its unique challenges, I’ve been very pleased with the creativity of staff, and the flexibility/adaptability of the AquaMedix product line. I whole heartedly endorse AquaMedix and will continue to use them as my only Legionella filter partner."
Steve-District Manager,
National Water Treatment Company
Regarding AquaMedix Drinking Fountain and Bottle Filler Solutions - "With all the help you (AquaMedix) provided, this was the easiest thing I have ever done. Fifteen minutes per machine, start to finish."
Ray-Facilities Operations Maintenance Specialist,
West Coast University