Why AquaMedix?

  • Labor saving longerfilter life – 3 months (1 month version also available)
  • Only tamper-resistant connector in the industry
    • Designed at the request of the VA
  • Only filter to work with low profile sinks and many touchless faucets – filter is up and out of the way
  • Designed to be IAPMO plumbing code 801.3 Air Gap compliant
  • Offset flow to prevent bacterial backsplash
  • Higher volume 0.20 micron membrane filter
  • Looks like home

Faucet Options

FX Faucet Filter

1 & 3 Month

Compliance Connector

Aqua Free logo

Baclyser TL and TR

1 & 2 Month

Under Sink Options

Baclyser IL Series

Kits available to adapt to current plumbing