Why AquaMedix Shower Water Filtration Systems?

Legionnaires’ disease is a severe lung inflammation that develops from a bacteria called legionella. Since legionella thrives in water, people can become sick with the disease by inhaling water droplets filled with the bacteria.

While Legionnaires’ disease can be treated with antibiotics, it can still have lasting negative effects and even result in death if it goes undiagnosed. Because of this, it’s important that your organization utilizes a shower filtration system that can prevent the spread of legionella. AquaMedix has the ideal shower filtration products to keep your employees and clients safe and healthy.

Features/Benefits of AquaMedix Shower Filtration Systems

  • Up to 30% lower cost per unit – $150/year/shower savings with a 90-day replacement cycle
  • Shower handle purchased once, only the filter is replaced
  • Point-of-Use, no replumbing needed
  • Meets DOE water conservation guidelines
  • Backflow prevention meets plumbing code
  • Screws onto the existing ½” shower hose – No proprietary connectors or adapters needed to install
  • Residential finish – Looks Like Home
  • Prefiltration available

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Legionella Showerhead Options

HS HandShower 

1 & 3 Month

Replacement Filters

1 & 3 Month

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Baclyser TR and S

1 & 2 Month

Baclyser ASW

4 Month

Shower Inline Options

Baclyser IL Series

6 Month

Kits available to adapt to current plumbing