Why AquaMedix?

  • Up to 30% cheaper per unit – $150/year/shower savings with 90-day replacement cycle
  • Shower handle purchased once, only filter is replaced
  • Point-of-Use, no replumbing needed
  • Meets DOE water conservation guidelines
  • Backflow prevention meets plumbing code
  • Screws onto the hose that’s already there – No proprietary connections or adapters needed to install
  • Residential finish – Looks Like Home
  • Prefiltration available

Showerhead Options

HS HandShower 

1 & 3 Month

Chrome and White

Replacement Filters

1 & 3 Month

Aqua Free logo

Baclyser TR and S

1 & 2 Month

Baclyser ASW

4 Month

Shower Inline Options

Baclyser IL Series

6 Month

Kits available to adapt to current plumbing