Filtering Legionella and Other Waterborne Bacteria for Clean Water

If your organization provides showers for patients and employees, you know the necessity of a high-quality shower filtration system. Clean water is vital for maintaining the health and safety of all who use it, whether it’s consumed or used to bathe.

AquaMedix shower filtration systems remove harmful pathogens from water. They’re the ideal solution for filtering legionella and other bacteria that can damage people’s health. Contact us today to discuss shower filtration options and start giving your patients and employees the clean, safe water they need!

High-Quality Shower Water Filtration Systems From AquaMedix®

Shower Handle Wands

Handshowers are used primarily in hospitals, acute care centers, Veterans Homes, nursing homes, clinics, assisted living centers, adult care, senior assisted-living facilities, retirement communities, hotels, and other health care facilities.

BactiClean Shower Head Filter System

Baclyser S

HandShower heads white and chrome

CleanSpray® Handshower

AquaFree As Shower

Baclyser TR Fixed Shower

Wall-Mount Showers

Wall-mount showers are installed in locations where fixed shower heads are utilized such as pools, health clubs, schools, locker rooms, athletic facilities, gyms, dorms, hotels, motels, homes, industrial emergency showers, drench stations, safety stations, employee showers, as well as healthcare facilities.

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