Micro 10 (inch) MF10 or Micro 20 (inch) MF20

AquaMedix® High capacity filter replacements for standard 10″ & 20″ applications

  • AquaMedix Filter Micro 10, part number #1042
  • AquaMedix Filter Micro 20, part number #1379
  • Absolute 0.20-micron particle retention for bacteria reduction such as Legionella and Pseudomonas
  • For use in standard 10” or 20” filter housings such as Pentek® Slim Line™
  • PES (Polyethersulfone)
  • EPA Pest control device
  • Maximum Filter Life 6 Months*

Part #1042 (Micro 10 inch, 6 Months), #1379 (Micro 20 inch, 6 Months) 

*Depending on the quality of influent water.


Applications include: Ice Machines, Whole House, Organic Farming, Agricultural Washing and Rinsing, Under Sink, Counter Top, Inline, etc.

AquaMedix® HF 0.20 Micro 10″ & 20″ Micro 10 Product Details

AquaMedix microfiltration system, maximum pore size of 0.20 μm (absolute). This high capacity filter (high membrane area) can be used as replacements for standard 10 & 20 inch applications. Dual open end with elastomer seals.

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