Filtering Waterborne Bacteria for Clean Water

AquaMedix water filters are proudly made in the USA. They are reliable and efficient at removing bacterial pathogens such as legionella, and other contaminants to keep people safe and healthy. Routine maintenance will help ensure a long-lasting water filtration system and consistently clean water. Contact us today to purchase your replacement water filters!

Aquamedix® Water Filters Are the Best, Longest-Lasting Replacement Filters on the Market

Shower Replacement Filter

Keep your shower pressure high and the bacteria and contaminants low by regularly replacing your AquaMedix filters.


10 inch and 20 inch Water Filters

All filters need to be changed regularly. By replacing your AquaMedix filters on a routine schedule, contaminants will be filtered and water pressure will remain optimal.

Applications include: Ice Machines, Whole House, Organic Farming, Agricultural Washing and Rinsing, Under Sink, Counter Top, Inline, etc.

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