CleanSpray® Wallshower

  • Part #1369H
  • Replacement filter part number #1325
  • Can be used in combination with Secondary Water Disinfection Chemical Treatment systems
  • Provides protection against waterborne bacteria
  • Bacteria Reduction 99.99999% (7-log) ASTM F838-05
  • Expected life: up to 120 days or 1000 to 4800 gallons.*
  • Captures contaminants in water before they are aerosolized
  • Replaceable Micro-Filter cartridge reducing environmental and uses costs
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Product Description

AquaMedix CleanSpray™ WallShower are for locations where fixed shower heads are found such as pools, health clubs, schools, locker rooms, athletic facilities, gyms, dorms, hotels, motels, homes, industrial emergency showers, drench stations, safety stations, employee showers in addition to healthcare facilities. The replaceable 0.15 micron hollow fiber micro-filtration membrane inside the WallShower’s polished stainless steel cylinder can remove waterborne pathogens like Pseudomonas and Legionella that could cause people to get sick. The cartridge inside the WallShower’s cylinder contains 8 times the membranes surface area as our HandShower and provides a longer service life. The CleanSpray WallShower makes it an excellent choice for high water use areas.

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CleanSpray® Wallshower Details

Product Details

The WallShower polished 12″ x 2″ stainless steel filter cylinder comes with a ½” NPT swivel nut for quick and easy attachment of the cylinder to most showers.

    • AquaMedix hollow fiber membranes demonstrating a >99.99999% (>log 7) reduction of bacteria in independent testing using ASTM F838-05
    • Every Replacement Micro-Filter Cartridge is tested for Integrity according to ASTM D6908-03.
    • Membrane micron rating of 0.15 micron
    • NO biocides are used in the system.
    • When filter cartridge needs to be replaced, use Part# 1325 InLine/WallShower Replacement Micro-Filter 0.15 mu

*Assuming a potable water supply quality in accordance with the Safe Drinking Water Act