HSr 1413
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HSw 1415 with HSr 1413
HS replacment filter 1413
Handshower FilterCleanSpray Shower filter cut openReplacement filter 1413

Handshower Replacement Cartridge

  • Replacement filters available with 90 day or 1 month maximum filter life
  • 90 day part number #1413  1 month part number #1430
  • Five (5) Replacement Micro-Filter Cartridges per pack
  • Bacteria Reduction 99.99999% (7-log)
  • Every Replacement Micro-Filter Cartridge is tested for Integrity
  • Are EPA and FDA Devices
  • Replaceable Micro-Filter cartridge reduces environmental & use costs
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Product Description

The CleanSpray® Handshower Replacement Micro-Filter (0.15 micron) Cartridges are specifically designed for use with the CleanSpray® Handshower, Chrome (Part #1302) and White (Part #1415).

Product Details

  • AquaMedix™ hollow fiber membranes demonstrating a >99.99999% (>log 7) reduction of bacteria in independent testing using ASTM F838-05*
  • Every Replacement Micro-Filter Cartridge is tested for Integrity according to ASTM D6908-03.
  • Micro-Filter membrane operates best between 50 to 80 psi of water coming from the building water system, but will function with as little as 20 psi of water pressure.
  • Can be used in combination with Secondary Water Disinfection Chemical Treatment systems
  • These Micro-Filter membranes have been used in Europe for over 12 years to help control the spread of pathogens in tap and potable water
  • Filter life: Up to ninety (90) days; 525 to 1800 gallons.**

*Bacterial Retention Test information: ASTM F838-05
**Assuming a potable water supply quality in accordance with the Safe Drinking Water Act