Inline Filters
IL3 49404 – Sprayer In-use
IL10 49408 – Installed, In-use
Inline IL 5 in bag 49406
IL5 behind ice machine
Inline IL 3 close 49403
Inline Filters

Aqua free Baclyser Inline IL3, IL5, IL10

Aqua free Baclyser Inline IL3, IL5 and IL10 Baclyser Inline are used primarily in VA hospitals, Veterans Homes, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, assisted living and acute care centers, Adult Care and Senior Assisted Living Facilities, retirement communities, hotels, other health care facilities. The 0.20 micron hollow fiber micro-filtration membrane inside the filters removes waterborne pathogens like Pseudomonas and Legionella that cause Hospital-Acquired Infections. Typical areas where POU Anti-Bacterial Filtration is suited are Transplant, Oncology, Neonatal units, high risk area for HAI (Hospital Acquired Infection) or anywhere immuno-compromised patients or visitors are present. Are EPA and FDA Devices.

  • InLine IL3, part#49404: Filters up to 700 gallons of water, maximum operating time of 6 months. Size: L 4.65″ x 1.85
  • InLine IL5, part #49406: Filters up to 2,000 gallons of water, maximum operating time of 6 months. Size: L 8.25″ x 2.70″
  • InLine IL10 , part#49408: Filters up to 12,000 gallons of water, maximum operating time of 6 months. Size: L 6″ x 2.4″

Three sizes of inline filters expand the uses where bulky industrial filter housings will not fit, including water coolers, coffee machines, fountains, under-sink locations, whole house protection and high capacity shower systems

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Product Description

Aqua free Baclyser Inline IL3, IL5 and IL10 filters contains 0.20 µm Hollow Fiber Membrane
The cartridge consisting of bundled hollow fiber capillary membranes in the housings. The hollow fiber membrane design allows for water flow and longer filtration life.

Product Details

  • Uses patented membrane with hydrophilic formulation for immediate wetting & high flow
  • Absolute 0.20-micron particle retention for bacteria reduction such as Legionella and Pseudomonas
    99.99999% bacteria reduction (˃ 7 Log)
  • Captures contaminants in water before they are aerosolized
  • Effective protection against waterborne bacteria from growth in the biofilm of piping systems
  • 1/2 inch NPT standard water connector compatible with standard plumbing threading. Quick-Connect kits available.
  • Can be used in combination with Secondary Water Disinfection Chemical Treatment systems
  • NO biocides are used in the system
  • Are EPA and FDA Devices
  • Up to 6-month filter life †Depending on the water quality (as a guide value)

If you’re a Chief Engineering, Facility Supervisor, Director of Facilities & Engineering, Director of Engineering & Maintenance, Director Facility Services, Facility Operations Manager, Safety-Occupational Health, Supervisory, epidemiology, Environmental Consulting Services, infection control facility manager and are looking to provide hygienic water to the users in your facility AquaMedix filters should be part of the of the solution.

AquaMedix™ Point of Use (POU) filters provide last point of defense regardless if the bio-film found the internal plumbing of a building or the municipal systems is harming the quality of water.