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FFb 1406 In-use
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Faucet Filter

CleanSpray® Faucet Filter

  • Part #1406
  • Ten (10) CleanSpray® Disposable Faucet Filter System per case
  • Can be used in combination with Secondary Water Disinfection Chemical Treatment systems
  • Provides protection against waterborne bacteria
  • Bacteria Reduction 99.99999% (7-log)
  • Expected life: 2 to 3 months or 525 gal to 1800 gal*. Maximum life: 90 days*
  • Is an EPA Device
  • Fits into small sinks
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Product Description

AquaMedix™ CleanSpray®  faucet filters are used primarily in VA hospitals, Veterans Homes, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, assisted living and acute care centers, Adult Care and Senior Assisted Living Facilities, retirement communities, hotels, and other health care facilities.

The 0.15 micron hollow fiber micro-filtration membrane inside the CleanSpray® faucet filter removes waterborne pathogens like pseudomonas and legionella that cause hospital-acquired infections. Typical areas where POU anti-bacterial filtration is suited are Transplant, Oncology, Neonatal units, high risk area for HAI (Hospital Acquired Infection) or anywhere immuno-compromised patients or visitors are present.  The cartridge’s cutting edge design integrates a 1.0 micron electropositive pleated pre-filter that surrounds the 0.15 micron-filter membrane inside the housings of the faucet filter extending it’s life that can cut replacement and labor cost

Product Details

CleanSpray® Disposable Faucet Filter System has standard 55/64” female connector that connects directly too many standard male faucet spouts. One (1) faucet adaptor: top threads male 15/16” – 27; bottom threads male 55/64”-27; and three (3) O-ring gaskets, various sizes, for connection of unit to water source are included with each unit. Other adapters may be required.

    • AquaMedix™ hollow fiber membranes demonstrating a >99.99999% (log 7) reduction of bacteria in independent testing using ASTM F838-05
    • Every Replacement Micro-Filter Cartridge is tested for Integrity according to ASTM D6908-03.
    • Membrane micron rating of 0.15 micron
    • NO biocides are used in the system.