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Compliance Connector

Product Number: 48116

The Compliance Connector (P/N 48116) is used for installation of the CleanSpray Faucet Filter FX (P/N 1690)....

CleanSpray Faucet Tap Connect Kit

Product Number: QCK17

The CleanSpray Faucet Connection Kit (P/N QCK17) helps end users identify what parts are needed to connect...

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Why AquaMedix?

Since 2011, AquaMedix has been protecting the most vulnerable and immunocompromised individuals at a higher risk of infection. Our filters are used with confidence in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and many other facilities across the United States and internationally.

With ample stock and a dedicated team we are able to respond with urgency in the unfortunate circumstance of a Legionella outbreak.

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