Detect Legionella in the Air Within Hours

The Legionella Advanced Warning (LAW) System provides real-time monitoring and testing for Legionella in your ambient air for Water Management Plans and Risk Analysis.

  • Hospital ICU, Cancer units, NICU—Where immunosuppressed patients are present
  • Long Term Care facilities—Elderly are especially susceptible to Legionnaires’ Disease
  • Spa, hot tubs, water therapy, showers, water fountains
  • Cooling towers, air conditioning Units
  • Immediate detection of airborne Legionnaires’ Disease
  • Automated operation and reporting
  • Continuous wireless monitoring 24/7/365
  • Connects to existing on-line control equipment for real time destruction of Legionella
  • Cartridge replacement (part number pending)
  • Data Hub can use wireless or CAT 4 cable
  • Patented optical based system which incorporates a laser, optical lens components, detector electronics and digital signal processing

Part #48500

Legionella Advanced Warning System Product Details

AquaMedix, LLC is pleased to introduce the Legionella Advanced Warning (LAW) System. The System is revolutionizing the approach to Legionella detection and control. The LAW system periodically draws a sample of ambient air (up to 1000 times per week) into the accompanying cartridge, where Legionella bacterium settle on the nutrient rich detection site. A patented optical density measurement determines if microbial contamination is present.

LAW is linked to cloud-based computerized mapping which allows for an on-line, almost real time, detection of low levels of Legionella. Monitoring can be done 24/7 with simple plug and play set-up with no additional monitoring systems needed. Once Legionella is detected, an alert is sent to your users with detailed analysis. These reports can be linked to your existing IT/BMS systems. The remediation process can begin. Early detection equals early remediation!

The unit will alert in a 1-5 CFU (colony forming units) range to indicate levels of Legionella found in the air. This real time knowledge of air quality can prove indispensable in successful water treatment plans. There is no need for someone to pull samples as the analysis process is automatic. The media cartridges last a month and are easily placed in the unit with no risk of cross contamination. Positive tested cartridges can be sent to a lab to have the actual count of Legionella determined.

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