Why Filter Ice Machines?

  • People chew on ice and inhale Legionella
  • Ideal temperature for bacterial and biofilm growth
  • Carbon Block filtration used on ice machines remove disinfection in the water promoting bacterial growth

AquaMedix Advantages

Simplest Ice Machine Legionella Control Filtration Installations

Sump Filtration

Inline Filtration

Combination Sump and Inline


  • 25% or more savings on filter
  • Compatible with standard plumbing connections – NO proprietary parts
  • Push connect fittings available that take significantly less time – Saves install and replacement labor hours
  • Quick connect kit available to retrofit to existing Series 50 setup – no replumbing needed

Replacement Tubing
  • Tubing can be discarded during filter changeout
  • Saves time and labor that is required for disinfecting hard plumbed supply line


Post-Installation Disinfection Port
  • Simplifies disinfection downstream of filter
  • Allows for easy depressurization

Sump Filtration

Bacterial Sump Filtration

  • Costs less than $1/day @$0.85 or $310.25 annually
  • Fits into housings already in place
  • 20” filter available by special order
  • Membrane filter replaces carbon block filter
  • Does not remove disinfection agent from the water

Dual Stage Sump Filtration

  • Costs less than $1/day
  • Replaces standard 10” filter
  • Membrane for bacterial retention
  • Carbon block for taste and smell

Inline Combination Ice Machine Filtration IC