Filtering Waterborne Bacteria for Clean Water

Tap water should be safe no matter what building it’s in. Unfortunately, the reality isn’t always ideal. Tap water can become contaminated leading to serious health problems such as Legionnaires Disease, pneumonia, blood infections, and more.

In order to prevent contaminated water, companies and organizations need to utilize high-quality faucet filtration systems to eliminate bacteria such as legionella, pseudomonas, and other dangerous pathogens. Contact us today to get a faucet filter system that will protect all of the people who depend on your organization’s tap water.

Multiple Faucet Filter System Options

CleanSpray® 3 Month Faucet Filters

AquaMedix CleanSpray Faucet Filters feature a 0.20-micron Micro-Filter. Particles in water as small as 0.20 microns in size (such as Legionella and Pseudomonas) are captured by the filter membranes. Each unit has a unique serial number and ID barcode. Can be used in combination with Secondary Water Disinfection Chemical Treatment. Made in the USA.

Faucet filter systems

Baclyser TL & TR

Baclyser TL and TR (1M) or (2M) 1 or 2-month point-of-use faucet filters. TL has a laminar flow discharge, TR has a rain flow shower pattern. Absolute 0.20-micron particle retention for bacteria reduction such as Legionella and Pseudomonas. Each unit has a unique serial number and ID barcode. For use within patient rooms, nurseries, and environments that need the cleanest water.

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