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What is Point-of-Use filtration?

Point-Of-Use refers the terminal outlet of a water system such as a faucet or shower head. AquaMedix Point-Of-Use filters are designed for protection against waterborne pathogens such as Legionella, Pseudomonas, and other microorganisms that pose a health risk (see AQM waterborne pathogens list).

Do AquaMedix filters remove non-tuberculosis mycobacterium (NTM) or other bacteria?

All AquaMedix and AquaFree products use 0.2 µm hollow-fiber membrane technology tested to industry ASTM-F838 –Standard Method for Determining Bacterial Retention of Membrane Filters Utilized for Liquid Filtration achieving >99.99999% (>7 log) reduction.

Do your filters remove chlorine, lead, copper, or sediment?

Yes, AquaMedix has a variety of filtration options based on what you are looking to filter. Specifically, the Dual Stage 10” cartridge (#1009) removes bacteria, heavy metals, volatile organic carbons (VOC), pharmaceuticals, chlorine residues, hormone residue, herbicides, and pesticides. See product listing for additional specifications.

What do your products filter?

AquaMedix has a variety of filtration options based on what you are looking to filter. Our main focus is Microfiltration (MF). We have options for filtering sediments, metals, and bacteria. We even have options for Ultrafiltration (UF) for filtering virus’s and endotoxins.

What kind of water filter do I need?

Determining what kind of water filter you need is based on what is in your water and what you are trying to filter out. Filtering heavy metals can be done with a carbon filter. Filtering bacteria requires a Microfilter. For help determining the right filter for you feel free to reach out to our team for consultation. (insert filtration table)

Where are your products installed?

AquaMedix specializes in Point-of-Use (POU) based solutions. Filters are designed for installation at terminal outlets such as faucets and shower heads. InLine filters also offer protection for ice machines, drinking fountains, under sinks, or other systems using water.

Does AquaMedix handle my installation?

AquaMedix provides installation consulting to determine the proper adaptors and appropriate filter type for a tailored customer installation. AquaMedix does not offer any installation. Our adaptor kits are designed to make installation quick and easy.

Does AquaMedix make its own filters?

The CleanSpray Faucet Filter FX (#1690) is manufactured by AquaMedix and assembled in the U.S. The AquaFree Baclyser Series are manufactured in Germany and distributed by AquaMedix for U.S. customers. AquaMedix works closely with our manufactures to continuously improve our products based on customer feedback.

Do these products come with any kind of warranty?

AquaMedix warrants CleanSpray® and Baclyser products to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of twelve months from the date of delivery to the Purchaser. Purchaser is responsible for determining suitability of function. AquaMedix limits our liability to replacement of defective product, or when necessary, refund of the purchase price and freight costs related to shipment of our product to our customer. Damages exceeding the cost of product and freight are excluded, whether consequential or otherwise, and regardless of cause.

When will I receive my filters?

AquaMedix ships per the customer’s request. Ground shipping is standard (3-5 business days). OVERNIGHT shipping is available in the event of an emergency.

Legionella & Waterborne Pathogens

What is Legionella and Legionnaires disease?

Legionella is the bacterium responsible for legionnaires disease, a type of lung infection that can culminate into pneumonia like symptoms. For more information, see our legionella guide (Legionella 101).

When should I be testing for Legionella in water?

Testing should be done periodically according to a facilities Water Safety Management Plan (WSMP), or if there is a concern in the quality of water. AquaMedix recommends adhering to ASHREA guidelines to determine the facilities WSMP. Additionally, WSMPs should be aligned with the New Joint Commission Standard EC.02.05.02.

Can AquaMedix test my water?

AquaMedix provides Legionella and infection control solutions only. Get in touch to learn more about who can test your water. We work with a number of labs and consultants that we can connect you with depending on your geographic location.

How often should I test for Legionella?

A safe practice recommended by AquaMedix is to test no less than once per quarter. 

How can AquaMedix help with my Water Management Plan?

AquaMedix can play an integral role in your facilities WMP by providing POU based solutions in areas with individuals at high risk of contracting disease from aerosolized bacteria (i.e., transplant centers, neonatal units, skilled nursing facilities, etc.) Implementing the use of POU filtration is an essential part of the contingency actions for WMP’s in instances when an individual inside your facility contracts Legionnaires disease or when high levels of Legionella bacteria are detected in water samples.

I received a positive Legionella test, what now?

If you or your facility has discovered Legionella in its water system it is essential that you reach out to a water treatment provider. Installation AquaMedix Point-of-Use product can help ensure your facility can remain operational by providing clean and safe water. 


What do I do if my filter is leaking?

Leaks occur when a filter is incorrectly installed, and the gasket or seal is breached. This presents a risk for contamination. Reinstall using plumbing seal tape and/or correctly orientate the rubber gasket to ensure a proper seal is made before continuing use. If a leak has occurred be sure to disinfect the area after the correction has been made.

Are tools required for installation?

AquaMedix offers push connectors and Quick-Connect Kits to simplify the installation process, however, tools may be required for installation based on the existing plumbing system

What connectors do I need to install the filters?

The easiest way to find what connectors are needed for your install is to determine the dimensions of your existing plumbing system then find the compatible connectors. Some filters such as the CleanSpray Faucet Filter FX require a one-time purchase of a compliance connector for initial install. AquaMedix recommends consulting a plumber for installation. Additionally, install dimensions and directions can be found on product instructions located on the products page of our website. AquaMedix offers kits with common adaptors to help determine the size of adaptor needed. 

How do I remove my faucet aerator?

For installation of faucet filters, often times it is necessary to remove existing hardware, i.e. the aerator head. This can usually be done with a simple tool such as aerator wrench. Removal of the aerator exposes the connection threads. AquaMedix recommends removal of faucet aerators prior to filter purchase to ensure proper connector specifications are met. Consult your plumber for the best installation results.

How do I remove my CleanSpray Faucet Filter FX during replacement?

The compliance connector used with the CleanSpray Faucet Filter FX is designed to be low profile and tamper proof. To remove the filter housing, simply push in the white clip located on the front of the compliance connector until you feel the housing release from the clip, then pull the housing out. Refer to installation instruction for additional information. Always follow proper disinfection procedures and utilize PPE to avoid potential exposure and contamination during filter replacement. https://aquamedix.net/resources/fx-faucet-filter-installation-video/

Can I reuse or replace my filter housing?

Most AquaMedix filters are completely disposable after reaching recommended filter lifetime. The Chrome HandShower (#1302) has replacement cartridges available in packs of 5 ONLY. AquaMedix also offers several different 10” filter cartridges that can be housed in reusable housings.

How do I purchase filters? 

To inquire about purchasing filters, or to request a quote please complete the Contact Us form on our website and an AquaMedix representative will be in touch or call us directly at (952) 479-0636 or email us at info@aquamedix.net.

Do these two products require any kind of modification to the existing water system and can they be installed in an apartment?

Modification depends on the specific product. The point of use filters should not require any modifications and can be installed in an apartment. The only additional system modification would be a prefiltration system if the water has a high TDS concentration.

Why is there reduced flow in my filter before it is expired?

AquaMedix filters have a lifetime assessed with low sediment water. Reduced flow / premature clogging could be due to the high sediment in your water system. AquaMedix recommends exploring pre filtration options to ensure you are getting the full life out of your micro filter. 

Do you have a wall bracket for the shower handle?

The diameter of the CleanSpray Shower with a hose attached is 1”. Brackets of this size are commonly found at local hardware stores. 

Are AquaMedix filters NSF certified?

AquaMedix products meet NSF standards but are not currently NSF certified.

Are AquaMedix filters FDA or EPA approved?

AquaMedix products are registered with the FDA as a Class 1 medical device. FDA Registration Number 3009893608. AquaMedix products are registered with the EPA as pest control devices. EPA Establishment Number: 89767-MN-001.

How are your filters tested?

AquaMedix microfilters are tested to the ASTM standard for membrane filters. (https://www.astm.org/f0838-20.html) Additional testing and validation is conducted for all products and available by request.

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