Like to eat-out? Beware of the danger lurking…..

Excerpts from: Another Study Determines Restaurant Ice Machines Contain More Bacteria Than Toilet Water By Hugh Merwin, Daily Mail, London, UK “Bacteria-laden ice and sugary soda: It’s all bad. The Daily Mail collected ice from ten fast-food franchises — McDonald’s, Burger King, and Starbucks among them — and determined that in six out of ten…


Prevention of Legionella Outbreaks

“The lack of water testing before the outbreak is not unusual. There are few regulations in the United States for monitoring building plumbing for Legionella. The rules that do exist largely target the healthcare industry. Outside of healthcare, building owners generally are doing very little to prevent bacterial growth in their plumbing, according to interviews…


AquaMedix Dual-Stage Filters Protect Ice Machines from Bacterial Contamination

Ice machines commonly used in hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, schools and homes are full of microorganisms.  Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Legionella pneumophila and Mycobacterium avium are waterborne bacteria that can cause serious diseases such as Pneumonia and Legionaires’ Disease. AquaMedix Dual Stage Filters are uniquely designed to trap potentially pathogenic bacteria. These filters are “inline”, inserted between…