About AquaMedix®


AquaMedix® develops and manufactures water filter devices and systems that filter out inorganic sediment, organic sediment, and bacteria contaminants resulting in clean, pure, shower and tap water.

Our products combine different filtration technologies and cutting-edge purification designs to provide an immediate long lasting solution against waterborne pathogens without the need for chemicals. AquaMedix filtration systems are perfect for you tap, shower or other applications, where you need an extra layer of protection.

AquaMedix is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), FDA Registration Number 3009893608.
AquaMedix CleanSpray and Baclyser filters are FDA Class I Medical Devices specified for medical use. Not for use in a sterile environment such as an operating room.

AquaMedix is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EPA EPA Establishment Number: 89767-MN-001. AquaMedix  products are regulated by the EPA as “pest control devices” (under EPA laws, regulations and rules, bacteria, cysts and certain viruses are deemed “pests” under certain circumstances and conditions)

* Stout, Vidic, etal. July 2014 Technical Report: Pilot Scale Evaluation of Legionella and Heterotrophic Bacteria Removal by AquaMedix™ CleanSpray® HandShower Filter. S.Kreps, May 2014, Validation by a dynamic test method of a faucet cartridge manufactured by Prime Water BVBA. The results of bacterial retention characteristics of Pseudomonas aeruginaosa.

Why AquaMedix® Cleanspray® Products

Pathogens such as Pseudomonas and particularly Legionella, the bacteria that causes Legionnaire’s Disease, can cause serious health effects for at risk populations in hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities.

By narrowing our focus to hygienic water products such as Point of Use (POU) filtration systems AquaMedix® offers advanced filtration at the last point of defense from contaminants in water used by patient’s or risk people every day.

We continually utilize input from the customer, and people who install and maintain CleanSpray® water filter systems to improve all aspects of the product. This focus can be seen in how many of our devices are designed and re-engineered to fit into the surrounding environment they are used in.

AquaMedix® Filtration applications include; shower handles, fixed shower heads, faucets, standard and specialty inline filters for ice machines, dish sprayers, under sinks and other used.

Message From Our Founder

Our focus is cleaning the water people use daily in hospitals, retirement communities and nursing homes and residential use. We strive to reduce the transmission of waterborne infections which are common in hospitals, nursing homes and hotels.


There are approximately 1.7 million cases of hospital acquired infections  which cost over $500 million to treat annually in the US.


AquaMedix® differentiates itself by concentrating its efforts to assure the water coming from your tap is as pure as possible using only the best filtration units we currently manufacture.

Brady Benson

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