Point-of-Use and InLine Commercial Water Filtration Systems for Infection Control

Is Point-of-Use filtration part of your water management plan?

Water Filtration Prevents the Spread of Disease

Water is the most essential ingredient to life and clean water is the most valuable resource. Despite modern water quality standards and extensive treatment, the water we use still contains a variety of potentially dangerous microorganisms.

Biofilm build up inside the pipes of plumbing systems provides a perfect breeding ground for chlorine-resistant bacteria such as Legionella pneumophila, and Non-tuberculosis mycobacterium (NTM). These waterborne pathogens present a danger to at risk populations such as the immunocompromised. 

Point-of-Use water filtration (POU) provides an immediate barrier preventing contaminated water from making contact with immunocompromised patients and others at higher risk of infection, without the need for chemicals.

Who We Serve

AquaMedix shower filters, faucet filters, inline filters and other filtration products are ideal for:

Our Products

AquaMedix® manufactures USA-made and imported water filters for retention of Legionella Pseudomonas, Non-tuberculosis mycobacterium (NTM) and other bacteria. Our products focus on Point-of-Use and Inline application for risk reduction and prevention of waterborne infection. All filters contain bacteriostatic hollow fiber membranes with 0.2 µm pore size or smaller. Each filter has been tested to ASTM F838-05 meeting the industry standard for retention of bacteria for liquid filtration. If your organization is in need of an emergency solution, or is planning a proactive water management plan, we can help find the right solution for your water system.


Point-of-Use (POU) refers to the terminal outlet in a water system such as a faucet or shower head. POU filters offer a critical final barrier between waterborne pathogens and users. POU filters can be installed and maintained to provide continuous protection while minimizing deviation from normal operations. Designed for use in medical and residential showers, our POU filters can be quickly installed when responding to an emergency outbreak.

Inline / Ice Machines

Inline filters offer protection at the point of entry where water enters ice machines, drinking fountains, wash stations, or other systems utilizing water. Upstream bacteria are captured before water is delivered downstream for consumption. Our Inline systems have a high capacity and can be easily installed using one of several AquaMedix® Quick Connect Kits.

Why AquaMedix?

Since 2011, AquaMedix has been protecting the most vulnerable and immunocompromised individuals at a higher risk of infection. Our filters are used with confidence in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and many other facilities across the United States and internationally.

With ample stock and a dedicated team we are able to respond with urgency in the unfortunate circumstance of a Legionella outbreak.

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