Extending the Life of the CleanSpray® Anti-Bacterial Membrane

The service life of any filter is dependent on the concentration of particulates that flow into it. High concentration of particulates in water will prematurely clog a CleanSpray® Micro-Filter Membrane and limit its useful life. Particulates in water are often referred to as Total Suspended Solids (TSS), solid materials, organic and inorganic, suspended in the water.

TSS come from a number of sources such as organic matter in surface water, bio-film in plumbing systems, minerals in water, metallic fragments that flake off of pipes, etc.

In some municipalities, TSS can clog a filter in a matter of hours while in other municipalities a filter may last months. Pre-Filtration extends the service life of the filter by removing TSS in the water before it reaches the Micro-Filter™ Membrane.

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